iOS Lawn Bowling Tournament App

I built the app using Core Data to store all the event details. Using a UITableView I display the events in chronological order using the applied filters. Selecting a row brings up more information and the ability to send by SMS, email or add to calendar.

The option menu gives filters for day of the week and type of event. It also allows you to hide all past events and pull updates to the list. Below are screenshots of the main views from the iPhone 5 simulator. The app is built as a universal app with different storyboards for iPad and iPhone and shared controllers.

API Details

REST API built using PHP. I built an API to get updates to the list without having to update through the app store. Each request is authenticed based on app keys and parameters passed in.

GET Updates

Route /api/v1.0/updates
HTTP Methods GET
Parameters month - Numeric value 1 - 12
day - Numeric value 1 - 31
year - Numeric value of year ex: 2014
key - Alpha numeric key generated from the parameters and app key
Status Codes 200 - Action Succeeded. JSON data returned.
400 - Bad Request. Invalid parameters, invalid HTTP verb.
401 - Not Authorized. Invalid key provided.
500 - Error on the server while retrieving the data.
Return Value JSON returned will be an array of dictionaries