I am a Canadian working as a Software Engineer with Google in Mountain View, California. I previously held a similar position with FameBit in Kitchener, Ontario. FameBit was acquired by Google in October of 2016 and relocated to California. I earned my Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo where I completed six cooperative work terms. Currently I am working with PHP and Angular on the web platform and Objective-C while working on iOS.

Before joining FameBit in 2015, I worked at D2L (formerly Desire2Learn) in Kitchener after graduation. At D2L I worked on iOS projects using Objective-C and web using AngularJS. I was on a number of different projects moving into the leadership role for each of them. For iOS I would mentor co-op students and new hires and on web I worked with a small team releasing regularly. Before graduation, my co-op work terms were spread out across high level and low level coding.

I am a competitive lawn bowler and spend a lot of time practicing and competing in big events. While in Canada I competed in regional, provincial and national events every year. I have competed internationally in Hong Kong, Shenzshen, China, and Blackpool, England. Since my move to California I have been seeking similar opportunities for major competitions held in the USA. I have been playing bowls for over half my life and will continue to seek even greater challenges.

In 2007 I started a website for the Kitchener Lawn Bowling Club and served as director in 2011 and co-president in 2012. These leadership positions have required me to participate in strategic visioning and operations such as developing a greens maintenance plan, fundraising, liaising with municipal officials and renting the club for corporate team building events. I am very passionate about lawn bowling and am a Canadian Level II coach in training.

I'm a highly active person regularly getting out on my bike and to the gym to maintain my physical fitness. I also spend a great deal of my time reading about new projects and breakthroughs in tech news. Usually this leads to researching how to apply new techniques to my projects or life. I have an interest in history and life-long learning, regularly setting goals to acheive throughout the year and beyond.